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10th anniversary of iPhone introduction

10th anniversary of iPhone introduction

It’s been 10 years since Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone. Time for another comparison with the iPhone 7: Comparison shots iPhone 7 vs 1st Gen iPhone: Did …

iPhone5s slow motion video

Slomo from halans on Vimeo. Trying out iPhone 5s iOS7s slow motion video. Also uses iOS7s video digital zoom.


Such a big difference in packaging between the 5 and 5s: All because of new USB charger

Siri, you're fired!


A case for the iPad

I love gadgets! I’m a techno consumerist, and maybe even a little bit of an Apple whore (although I don’t unconditionally bend over for Steve!). …

A Webdeveloper and iPhone app development

So finally, after almost a year since I registered as an iPhone developer over at Apple, I build myself a couple of iPhone apps. Here’s how. I have a …

Apple iPhone 3G - Australia

Features Apple iPhone 3G – Australia 12 August 2008 You can read about the 1st gen iPhone there, which I’ve been using for 10 months now. Of course when …

iPhone 3G spoof

The iPhone 3G costs an arm and a leg…

iPhone in Belgium

The AP writes “Quirk in Belgian law drives iPhones near $1,000“. The article compares it to the AT&T locked in price of $299, which isn’t fair though. …