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VideoSlam - the instantaneous edit

VideoSlam - the instantaneous edit

Last weekend I went to a great IxDA workshop “Connecting Conversations” by Alastair Somerville. During the workshop I took short 3-5 second video clips (which …

Connecting Conversations #videoslam

Connecting Conversations #videoslam

TMD Interview

First try at recording an interview. Learned lots, lots to learn. Need some lights (as overhead daylight changed throughout the afternoon).

iPhone5s slow motion video

Slomo from halans on Vimeo. Trying out iPhone 5s iOS7s slow motion video. Also uses iOS7s video digital zoom.

The Design Studio Method

The Design Studio Method The Design Studio method has become one of the most success methods in Agile and Lean UX. This rapid, iterative approach blends concept …

Zombie gathering in Hyde Park - 360 video

Using a GoPano Micro – 360° video with iPhone4S Probably did this at the wrong time, as too many people (non-zombies) were around by then, should have taken it …

Google+ Sydney Photo Walk - 360 video

— — Using GoPano Micro – 360° video with iPhone4S. Uses Flash player. EDIT: Flash player no longer supported by browsers, so I’ve removed the video.

Heh, replay of the Wimbledon finale, as an...

Heh, replay of the Wimbledon finale, as an infographic WIM•BLE•DON Infographic documenting the final game of the 122nd Edition of the Wimbledon …

Cute but expensive

Cute kitten atop a MacBookPro while its owner is fooling around with FrontRow and the remote. Cute but could end up expensive if the kitten scratches the …