10th anniversary of iPhone introduction

It’s been 10 years since Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone. Time for another comparison with the iPhone 7:






Comparison shots iPhone 7 vs 1st Gen iPhone:

iPhone 7 sample

1st Gen iPhone sample

Did this walk-through of the 10 year old, 1st gen iPhone (8GB) (on iPhone OS 1.0.2) this weekend:

Amazing to see that after 10 years, these third party APIs still work (except YouTube).

I remember being so impressed back then. I first got the iPod Touch locally, then about a week later got an iPhone on eBay and jailbroke it to have it work with a local SIM on 2G/Edge. It hasn’t been updated since (still on version 1.0.2).

It’s interesting to watch the introduction again.

First Steve Jobs interview after introduction (and analysts’ discussion):

“As we bring the cost down, year over year…”. The iPhone was $499 ($US, subsidized on a 2 year contract) in 2007, which is $585 in current $US. iPhone SE is currently $399 outright, or iPhone 7 starts at $649 outright ($US).

All Things D 2007 interview:

The 1st gen iPhone ads (2007-2008):

The first iPad was introduced in January 2010.

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