Afterhours projects I work on, on and off. And some more blogging. Enjoy.

Halans Photography

Prompt Engineering Blog

Lazy AI Prompt Cards

Selfie Time Capsule ChatGPT Prompt ($)

Social Media AI Prompts Google Sheets Template

Productivity Tools AI Prompts Google Sheets Template ($) AI / Art Blog with image prompts

Made With Love In / Australian Startup Catalogue

R🅴🆅olution Guide / EV blog

And now AI EV FAQ using the ChatGPT API

Art Imitates Life, photography blog

Retrospective Me

Social Recommendator (original)

And now AI Social Recommendator using the ChatGPT API

AI PuppyTrainer

Strangelove AI and AI t-shirts:

Short Back Focus

Pet Portraits

Photo Spheres

Referral Discounts

Belgian Waffle Connoisseur

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