Another weekend project.

I’m sure you’ve seen those AI generated images (Craiyon, DALL-E and Midjourney).
They take a prompt, a description of the image you want, and then generate a number of variations based on it.
Crafting a prompt, or “prompt engineering”, is an art form in and of itself.

Last weekend, created which can help you create these prompts, with general “vibes”/feelings, aesthetics, photographic, illustration, artsy, or 3D/textured modifiers. Don’t use it all at once combined, but pick and choose carefully (less is more). Then copy/paste the prompt into the AI image generator.

A “prompt card” is a tool that contains bits of information, that helps you in learning, interviews, presentations,…
I thought it would make a clever domain…

See some of the (terrible) Midjourney generated images here, here and here. Those are mostly first-tries, no further prompting.

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