Tesla 10k

Did my first 10000 km in the Tesla M3 SR+ this weekend, 10 months (and one week) in. That’s 1000km per month, working from home, charging at home using the Tesla Mobile Connector.

Trickle charging like that, I can do about 30% overnight, on TOU tariff (0:00-4:00 7.49c/kWh cheapest, else 14.99c/kWh until 7:00), charging the battery eventually up to 100% every week, as required for the LFP battery chemistry.

That 1000km a month costs me $17, while having fun driving it:

I’m doing 138 Wh/km, or 13.8 kWh/100km, or 7.24 km/kWh. I think that’s quite good? Even though I’m not a slow driver.

That’s $1.03 per 100km at 7.49c/kWh at home, or $7.50 per 100km at 55c/kWh at the Supercharger.

One warranty service visit, to fix a squeaky driver’s seat, which had been bothering me since the 700km mark.

Not a big fan of the Autopilot as a whole. It’s good doing the basics, but there’s too much ghost breaking happening to my liking, quite jarring.

Worst thing about owning a Tesla are probably the annoying Tesla and Musk fans though… (I promise, I’m not one of them)

Not a fan of the glass roof either. As the driver, you can’t enjoy it. And it gets too hot, while parked, which turns on the airco to keep car cool, while parked, which is a waste of energy. As well as you can feel your scalp being burned while driving. The glass roof sunshade is a must.

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