Another weekend project

Created some blank notebooks through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing.
– find a niche
– create a 120 page lined PDF
– create a cover
– done

All in all quite easy to accomplish.
For plant lovers, some 80s lovers, horse lovers,..

The only problem now is trying to get them sold. Not so easy (without spending ad money)…
Published as WTF Publishing ( I’m all for finding clever domains…

Grong Grong Solar Farm
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Grong Grong Solar Farm

Grong Grong is a 1,7kW solar farm in the NSW Riverina area, west of Wagga Wagga, using community scale solar. …

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Another weekend project. I’m sure you’ve seen those AI generated images (Craiyon, DALL-E and Midjourney). They take a prompt, a description of the …