20 years of content

20 years blog anniversary

This blog now contains 20 years of content. Most of it was on selfhosted Wordpress. Since early 2023, I moved away from selfhosted Wordpress and migrated to Hugo and Cloudflare. Less hasle, free hosting, more speed, more security, more fun. Some of the Wordpress to MD conversion may seem a bit wonkey on the older articles. I’ll fix them as I go along (maybe).

I had a website since 1997, initially on my ISP’s web presence, later on halans.be and then halans.com. Wayback Machine only seems to go back to 2001 or so, and without images, just plain html. One such WayBack Machine link (hosted back then on the Pandora.be ISP) is our honeymoon site (starting in Sydney), our first visit to Australia in October 2002. Remember image maps? Too bad it didn’t back up the wedding pics.

Now blogging using VS Code and Github CoPilot, and hosting on Cloudflare Pages, it now comes with a dose of AI. Wherever AI is used (since 2023), it’s the ethical thing to do to indicate how much of content has been writen by AI. As a non-native English speaker (from Belgium), I find it very useful to have AI help me with my writing.

I always seem to start a website but then never get to finish it. I always have these (supposedly) brilliant ideas.

Not much has changed in 20 years… Still start a bunch of websites, which then whittle away…

Contains a lot of Week In Pix (#weekinpix) posts. Posts about web development, technology. Some Barcamp. Some trips to Belgium (incl pics of waffles :-). Lots of posts refering to Posterous which is no longer around (so lots of broken links). I feel social media messed a lot of this up. I used to post a lot more on my blog, just short, quick things, but then Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc came along and I started posting there.

This post has been written by AI for approx. 10% of its content, using Github Copilot (sentence completion).

General disclaimer
“The author generated this text in part with Github CoPilot, which uses OpenAI’s large-scale language-generation model. Upon generating draft language, the author reviewed, edited, and revised the language to their own liking and takes ultimate responsibility for the content of this publication.”

Notes on Web Directions AI 2023
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Notes on Web Directions AI 2023

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