Writing ebooks with AI prompts

Creating ebooks using AI


I set a goal this weekend to publish an ebook about a generic subject I know little about.

The subject turned out to be: Brain Training game concepts and techniques.

I know about the subjects covered, but not enough to write about it. So I jumped into ChatGPT.

First, I asked about a list of brain training games. Then I provided the list back to ChatGPT and asked “For each area in my list, come up with five prompts I could use to get your help with that area.

Each brain training game concept got 5 questions I could ask ChatGPT. And so I went through all questions. Sometimes I extended the response with an “Explain more”, or asked specifically for a bulleted or numbered list, or 5 to 7 paragraphs.

One of the questions it returned for each subject was “Can you recommend any resources for learning more about [subject]”, and it gave great recommendations of websites, apps, and books on Amazon. (yes I did check if they were real and not halucinated)

For some of the game concepts, I asked it to be a subject matter expert.

There was some repetition in the responses for sure. But overal I think it’s about 96% generated, and only 4% of my input.

Next, I also asked for an introduction and an epilogue, some catchy titles, and a bio for the author.

Just over two hours later I had the whole ebook covered. I brought this into Vellum, and fixed some of the formatting issues, adding another 30 minutes. Hit export, and I got my epub and pdf files generated, ready to be published.

Probably spend more time setting up the landing page (looking for a suitable Hugo theme, and create its content).

As an experiment, I think I succeeded. I have read (or skimmed) far worse ebooks before. As a non-native English speaker, ChatGPT can help me flesh out ideas and content. Sorry. Not sorry.

Then there’s the ethics and morality. Should it be disclosed as being written through AI? Does it make it be worth less? Or is it worthless alltogether?

Off course ChatGPT is a brilliant bullshit generator, and it turned out to be a brilliantly bullshit ebook!

Bullshit is speech that is intended to persuade without regard for the truth

On Bullshit - Harry G. Frankfurt

As a friend, grab the ebook for free with coupon code “F0URFR33”.

Also check out: https://variegation.chadgeppetto.com, free with coupon code “4FR33”.

EDIT: forgot to point out: the “author” Chad Geppetto? ChadGePpeTto? ChatGPT.

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