Grow Your Audience AI Prompts

Social Media AI Prompts

Australia Day long weekend. I was subscribed to, intrigued how people use Google Sheets to sell content. Finally had an idea to create a Google Sheet with 50 Social Media prompts to ask ChatGPT.

As AI soaks up the world’s knowledge, including the collective knowledge of the best social media experts, it becomes an expert itself (or so they say).

Works as a template in Google Sheets with variables and concatination. Learn about strategy and business needs, brand reputation, and analytics and metrics. Add a personality or trait option to encourage empathy through imagination, and pick an output format option. Then copy/paste into a AI chatbot, like ChatGPT.

Peope can use the Template as inspiration, add their own relevant options to these prompts, and see how AI responds.

Created this landing page for discovery. Offered for sale (but free) on Gumroad.

I can think of other categories beyond social media this could apply to.

EDIT: Created a new one around productivity and knowledge management tools.

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