AI Social Recommendator

AI Social Recommendator using ChatGPT

A recommendations generator for social and business network endorsements now using ChatGPT. gives you a head start, or inspiration. Fill out some information on your colleague and we produce a sample for you using the ChatGPT API to use as inspiration (or as-is of course).

I had this running since 2009, using static data and parameter substitution, constructing personal recommendations. It was always intended to use AI, and now 14 years later, I can. Costs me money to access the OpenAI API though. As long as I don’t hit my preset API limit each month, it should work fine. Else come back next month…

Additionally, Vercel Free-tier Serverless Functions has a 10s timeout. Because of it, three-five paragraph requests to the OpenAI API time out, and I need to be on the Pro tier with a 60s timeout to make it useful. Open for sponsorhip or buy me a coffee, to cover the $20/month cost for Vercel + the $40 limit on the OpenAI API. I can still fall back to the original version if need be.

Internally, it uses a particular prompt, with some added randomness, including: random temperature and complimentary level (from positive to favorable to glowing). I made the length selectable instead of random to make it more useful.

Check out the easter egg on the API?

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