Firefox Reader View

I’ve been working a bit on, which used to be a single page site initially, but got an additional landing page for puppy class enrolment.

Upon the latest Firefox update, a popup showed up pointing Firefox users to the Reader View, which is similar to Safari’s Reader view. Not that this is a particularly new feature, but they seem to be highlighting it again.
As I enabled Reader View, I was greeted with this:

What? That’s all? That doesn’t make any sense! Why did it do THAT? Argh!

Anyway, Firefox’ algorithm looks at paragraphs, and commas, and sections and articles (apparently). Got plenty of paragraphs (I think), but what I was missing were a section and articles elements. So I simply added a single section, and different article elements, and immediately ended up with this:

Much better.

Not perfect, because I did add an article tag around the contact details at the bottom, but they still don’t show up. Probably because of the lack of actual text in the paragraphs.

Have you checked your site out in Firefox’ Reader View lately? Does it display everything you’d expect it to display?

Now, Safari’s Reader View does seem to use a different algorithm, because there it’s still not particularly ok :( (for example on iOS).

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