Winter in Tasmania: Freycinet (day 2)

-day 2 of our 5 day trip to Tasmania-

We cancelled the remainder of our stay in the hotel in Hobart. But canceling the hotel also meant we had to book two other hotels, not sure where. The night before I found a little cabin in Ross, though this morning, driving up to Freycinet, it was too early call just yet. We stopped at the Rosny lookout, looking over across Hobart, and an obvious popular make-out spot…

BeachWe stopped at a Woollies to stock up on some water and food, and grab a (next door Gloria Jeans) coffee. While driving up to the east coast, it became obvious quickly that Optus does not have any coverage beyond Hobart (about a 30km radius). Now, how are we going to book our accommodation for tonight? Anyway, along the way we stopped at several beautiful beaches and lookouts: Raskin beach, Oyster Bay, Mayfield beach. And we arrived in the early afternoon at Coles Bay. First stop Freycinet NP visitor centre, to get a 22$ park day pass, and see if they know of any accommodation in this area. It’s not a tourism information center in itself so we had to call around ourselves for accomodation,… at a Telstra payphone. Boy, do they swallow coins like… I mean, they take a lot of money, and don’t give anything back. All contacts we’d call were booked, so we tried the cabin at Ross, which is 1.5h back inland. And it was still available! Pfeww, settled for today (we didn’t have to sleep in the car).

ViewWe then drove on to the parking spot for the Wineglass Bay lookout walk, which was medium hike uphill, but certainly worth it. It was a very well laid out and maintained path. After this walk, we drove up to the lighthouse, which offered nice views of the coast line.

We then had to drive back inland, past Cambell Town to Ross, where we stayed at the TSpot cabin. We arrived at around 5PM, a bit earlier than we had told them. We took a stroll (in the dark) around Ross, which is a tiny countryside village but with one wide avenue and a particular bridge. At 5:30 we checked in with the lovely English proprietors. They used to have a tearoom in the Hunter Valley, but moved down here since a couple of years. We changed clothes and went for dinner at the local pub (for pumpkin soup, gourmet lamb and rib eye steak). After dinner we watched the Story of Ross on DVD (available in the cabin), and  V for Vendetta in cabin.

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