Winter in Tasmania: back home (day 5)

-day 5 of our 5 day trip to Tasmania-

Snow in TarraleahAnd indeed, we woke up to a white blanket of snow. But not enough to keep us in Tarraleah. We drove off at 8:15, as the breakfast cafe only opened at 9. It was a different scenery than the day before, a lovely white forrest around Tarraleah, with snow covered gumtrees and ferns.

We ended up having late breakfast at a Banjo’s in New Norfolk (yummy eggs Benedict, and bacon and eggs). As we drove back down to Hobart, we were looking for Bagdad, but there was actually nothing to see. A truly missed opportunity, marketing wise: no Bagdad Cafe, or postcards or anything.

Snow in TarraleahDrove down to Richmond and the Richmond bridge, and had our Banjo’s rasburry shortbread cake there. There was only a couple of hours left for us to return the car. We still went on to Pirates Bay lookout and the underwhelming tessalated pavement rocks. Times up and we drove back towards the airport, enjoying more lovely lookouts.

We were early at the airport (14:30), but that meant we didn’t have to queue at the rental company, checkin nor security. Unfortunately our plane was delayed by 20 minutes, which meant we only had a 10 minute window for our connecting flight in Melbourne. But on arrival in Melbourne there were no worries, as they hadn’t started boarding yet there, their boarding delayed by 30 minutes. They started boarding as we arrived.

And the rest is history, right? Next day, back to work (for a very short working week)!

Photos on this Flickr set!

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