Web Development Software Engineer, job with a difference

  • Title: Web Developer
  • Job Type: 6-12 month contract (could go shorter)
  • Salary: $200K plus DOE

200K+, not bad for a web developer…

“Summary:A principal Department of Defense agency is looking for programmers, developers or coders to code, support field deployment and maintenance of a new database application which will be used by Army units in Iraq. Scope These are full-time positions (12/7) located at one of the major US Bases in IRAQ. Deployment will be period of 6-12 months.”

More on: CareerBuilder or AuthenticJobs

I like the “(could go shorter)” part.
With all the outsourcing going on, why couldn’t they perform the job remotely?

The full requirements

Oh, but it is 12h-a-day/7days-a-week though, that would make $52/hour…

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