VideoSlam – the instantaneous edit

Last weekend I went to a great IxDA workshop “Connecting Conversations” by Alastair Somerville. During the workshop I took short 3-5 second video clips (which made it look like I was taking pictures instead of video), to create an impression of what the workshop was like. In total, I shot about 5 minutes of video, of the 4 hour workshop.

I know, it’s a departure from me taking a bunch of photos.

Now, I don’t think anyone would sit through those 5 minutes, just to get an impression of a 4 hour workshop. But with this new iOS app VideoSlam, it takes about 15 seconds to construct a 30 second quick edit and share this on social media (which for Twitter is further cut back to 20 seconds, on Instagram 15 seconds), right after the event:

You can increase the cut speed, or slow the edit down to a longer 1.5 minutes (in this case), which may again be a tad bit too long to sit through:

The app allows you to pick video, images or both, from a number of preset timespans (last hour, 24 hours, today, yesterday, week, month,… you get it) as well as from any album (so you could pick clips first, and put them into an album).

Currently, the cuts are linear (you can’t pick an order), and there is limited additional editing possible, but it is really fast to put something together.

Get it on the App store.

*the image at the top is begging for a caption