Hi, I’m JJ and I have a Twitter problem. Maybe?

See, I’ve got a couple of accounts, for different interests I have. In essence I use it as a bookmarking service, (re)posting articles per subject, or as a historic timeline.

Account names can only be 16 characters long, so it’s tricky sometimes, as you’ll see.

See anything of interest? Hook up?

@halans : the main, personal one. If it’s quiet here, you should probably checkout one of the others.

@halansphoto : my photography account, my photography passion

@MadeWLIn : for MadeWithLove.In, my startup account, local Aussie startups and passion projects

@FromCrowsNest : From the Crows Nest (like on a sailing ship, on the lookout), environmental issues, historical timeline of events, misinformation busting, pessimistic. (Was also living in Crows Nest when I set this up, during the bushfires)

@NextExitAU : environmental issues, renewables, green technology, progress, optimistic, solarpunk

@rEVolutionAU : EV account, automotive technology, autonomy, transport, newsletter bookmarks

@Pets_QandA : puppies! For

@TinyHouseAU : Australian tiny house community

@GottaLoveAU : Australiana, typical Aussie things or events

@GottaLoveSyd : Sydney events, politics, locations

@GottaLoveCnlCst : Central Coast events, politics, and locations

@360VisionAU : VR, MR, XR, 360 photography and video, interactive storytelling, technology

@WeAreFootfolk : pedestrian and cyclists issues and rights

@SpeakUpDesignAU : Voice technology, VUX, VUI, bots, conversational design (I did some IVR stuff in the nineties)

@appuseronboard : user onboarding, (a bit too niche)

@recommendator : account for, social media

@shortbackfocus : account for micro stock photo site, photography

@PrepperAU : prepping, bushfires and environmental collaps (no guns)

@teslathelma : my Tesla M3 car account, travel

@discodavina : my (previous) LR Discovery car account, travel

@ditamini : my (previous) Mini car account, discontinued (and picked up by someone else I see)

@sydneybushwalk : bushwalking in Sydney, kinda discontinued

@SydBeachGuide : Sydney beaches, kinda discontinued

And a couple more that I since have in fact discontinued.