SIFA Workshop

Work effectively in the screen and media industries

Over two days, we took a closer look at the creative film process, how films get made and who does what. From pre-production, over the on-set process, to post-production. With the story at the base of film making, we first explored what makes a good story to begin with: conflict between good and bad, a problem and the solution, the protagonist and the antagonist.

We looked at the “who what where when why and how” in storytelling, and how we can represent this on, for example, a Scene Card.
We split up in groups and thought of a short story, which we then represented into a 12 frame story board. Our group chose the Hospital setting for our story, called Room 66. Once we had a story board, we looked at the film production and direction basics, where pre-production is all about planning and preparation. We put on paper what’s in our mind, and break it down into a script. We need to know it all, from the creative (the story, shot compositions, camera moves) to the technical (equipment, location, talent). Always “feed” your crew with the story, with what you want.

With our 12 frame story board in place, we looked at the different departments and roles that make up the film industry: from the executive producer and line producer, to the director and assistant director, the director of photography, art direction, sound,… and then decided on each individual’s role in our own little project.
As we were going to put our 12 frame story board into zeros and ones (“film”), we looked at some of the paperwork involved with pre-production: gear list, crew list, call sheet, transport list, contact list, schedule, insurance, permits, talent release forms… We then worked on our idea, making it real (which was the best part :). Though we weren’t going to be able to finish the final edit, we had a look at Adobe Premiere.

And finally we looked at how we could best present our final idea to potential partners and investors, by keeping it simple, telling/selling our story.