Policing the net

There is a thread running at the OpenDNS blog about handling cybersquatters, domain names which look like the real deal, typo’s by the user for example, but point somewhere else (ex. google.com vs goggle.com), a tactic also used by phishers. Internet companies, like OpenDNS, are taking up policing the internet, to protect their users from these kinds of sites.
Another such company is Google, trying to act as an "in-flight adviser" to ensure people don’t fall victim of malware, automatically installed through browser holes. For example, try looking for ‘Asta-Killer’ on Google. You’ll get an interstitial page warning you of the malicious content. They only add it to the main link though, not to the snippet links below the main link, which kind of defeats the purpose. Probably a slight oversight by the Google people.
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