Pistolets and charcuterie

Belgian pistolets, or kadetjes, are unrivaled anywhere in the world. They come in different sizes and origins: white, brown, light, crusty,… They are always eaten day-fresh.
Pistolets are always covered with something like charcuterie, cheese, prepared spreads, confiture (jam) or chocolate spread. Optionally, you’d add fresh butter (or margarine if you really have to).

There’s always a wide selection of options available, fresh or prepackaged:

– cured meats including ham of the bone (smoked or not), different types of pates, smoked horse meat, salamis, sausages, filet de sax, filet d’anvers, strasbourg,…
– spreads like chicken curry, champignon a la greque, prepare americain, crab salad, egg salad, ham salad, tuna salad
– local cheeses like abbey cheeses (like Maredsous), lots of french cheeses, dutch hard cheeses,…
– different brands of chocolate spread, with praline, honey,…
– different jams

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