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Ajax was the buzzword for the year 2005. It stands for ‘Asynchronous JavaScript + XML’.
The term ‘ajax’ was introduced in an essay by JJ Garret, founder of Adaptive Path (cfr Jeffrey Veen) in February ’05.
Ajax isn’t a technology in itself, but a combination of several standards based web technologies — JavaScript, DOM, CSS. It allows for responsive web interfaces, where data is updated or retrieved behind the scenes without constantly updating the complete page. Think of GMail, Google Maps, Google Suggest, Amazon A9, MS Live, BackPack, Netvibes, Snap and others to get the idea.

Although the term Ajax is new, the technologies involved have been around for years.
But as browsers have matured, the technologies are available to a lot more people then was the case a few years ago.

This page is a resource to different articles and blogs explaining some uses of the technologies involved in Ajax. Some of the articles may be 3 years old (or even older), but most of them are still applicable today, or are even better applicable now then they were years ago, because of better browser support. I hope this list offers you all you need to know to get you into developing Ajax applications.





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