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The madness that is Web Directions South has come and gone. Four days of social networking, workshops, presos, drinks, and after-party. On top of that, I was quite busy getting the conference wifi of the ground and keep it running, together with Nat. And can’t help myself, taking pictures too. Presentations and podcasts of WDS08 are available at the site.

John Allsopp introduced Scroll Magazine, a MagCloud print-on-demand magazine, designed by fellow Belgian Veerle Pieters.

Met another Belgian, Andreas, standards evangelist for Opera (Belgians are thinly spread around the globe…).

Thursday evening was Webjam8. Quickly set up two iBurst modems, one for the presenters and one for the public. And then had my big debut presenting for the Sydney crowd (of about 350), showing of Mapanui in three minutes (which was more than enough :) Got some positive feedback. Also check out TechNation Australia, ZDNet AU, Sitepoint, and this Viddler video

Friday an early start to make sure the wireless network was back up and running. Turns out I was too early, first one there. Jeffrey Veen’s keynote was great. Played around with Microsoft Surface. Loved David Peterson’s talk on semantic web. And Mark Pesce’s closing keynote rickrolling the audience and then opened with a NIN track (“Just Like You Imagined” from The Frail (left) album from 1999), setting the tone for This, That and the Other. Finishing with the after-party (and recovering for two days), on which I was happy to hear plenty of Soulwax remixes (Belgium represent)!

And if the wifi internet was slow at Web Directions, remember, it was a volunteer-based effort on our own, cheap hardware, backed by 4 iBurst sponsored wireless modems.


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Glad you enjoyed my preso on the Semantic Web. I felt like I didn’t get a chance to cover everything I wanted… And thanks for the explanation on the lack of wireless. I appreciate that it was a volunteer effort and worked surprisingly well for what it was…

It was nice talking with you at the closing party of Web Directions South.

Oh, and great photos on flickr!



hi jj
sounds like you guys did a great job. 505 users!!!!!!
i had to buy – (i couldnt work out another solution) – 5 unwired modems for Live Futures 2020 this year. and 5 x $100 plans. luckily i could cancel the plans. but if you want a couple of modems to help out at any events let me know. or if they will help you with the FAW project or… i think FAW is great. so if i can help let me know.

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