iiNet not moving forward either

iiNet’s Naked ADSL2+ didn’t improve either. Evening speeds have dropped considerably lately (or is that just Apple’s iTunes badwidth?). And then this:

Having been an iiNet customer for 3.5 years now, we were on a (grandfathered) plan that gave me 75GB+75GB for $70. Earlier this month I hit my peak limit the day before it expired. I was resetting my laptop which required me to re-download OSX Lion, and my bandwith got capped to 64kbps halfway through. I knew iiNet had these new datapacks on offer (5GB for $10 for example), which would put me back onto regular speeds, great! But in order to get to use that datapack I had to switch to a new plan. And new plans are a step backwards. Only 100GB for $70 (no more peak/offpeak difference). I just lost 50GB, for the same price. Capped speeds though have increased to 256kbps. But, not happy.


I had a very similar discussion with iiNet but I don’t agree you are “worse off” since the 70GB in the off peak section is 1-8AM. If you looked at your usage patterns how much of that offo peak 70 did you actually use? You will probably use about the same amount but I agree, it wasn’t nicely sold was it?

I didn’t like the peak/offpeak difference much either, but I did use quite some, 30GB and more, from 6:30 in the morning. I never used the full 150GB, but did do more than 100GB though.