IBM WID with nVidia on 64-bit XP

This is a quick post on a problem I had at work.

At work we got brand new machines with 8gigs of memory on Win XP 64-bit. They have nVidia GeForce 8400 GS graphics card. We developer on IBM Websphere (WID 6.1.2).

I had the following problem when I tried to commit changes: no comment text box?!wid with nView Desktop Manager enabled

I had other similar problems trying to set project references, and the likes in other configuration panes…

This bothered me for a couple of days, trying all kinds of things, including reinstalling WID. I also looked at the nVidia drivers, and they were the latest, no fix there.

Then I looked into nVidia’s nView Desktop Manager, which was enabled:
nview desktop manager

I disabled this and… lo and behold, WID problem fixed: I got my comment box back, as also any other pane which didn’t work before.
WID disabled nview desktop manager

Just thought I’d share that. Someone might have the same problem, pulling out his hair about this.

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Did you have trouble at all instlaling? Because I am unable to install on a Dell Precision T7500 running 64Bit WinXP and I can’t figure out what’s going on, even where the logs might be located to give me aclue.

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