How to Run a Workshop Workshop

Workshop Saturday was a free, 3-hour “How to Run a Workshop Workshop” run by Jay Rogers, Design Manager at Atlassian. It was pretty intense and very hands on.

Some take-aways:
– Time-box all the things:
– Each activity wil take about 30-45 minutes.
– In advance allot reasonable times to the different actions in your activity

– But you will lose control:
– Decisions may not be reached, outcomes from activity may not be attained,
but that’s ok
– Just roll with it, maybe cancel a follow-up activity
– Decide how important it is for an outcome to be reached in this activity and react accordingly

– Always have a partner:
– To help plan and run the workshop
– A lot happens during breaks
– Use a third person to take notes, or use a camera to revisit the session afterwards

Check out more photos on Flickr