Google Developer Day 2007

10 cities, one world, one company: Google.
Sydney is up first, with some exclusive announcements, hours before the rest of the world hears about them.
700 registered users for the Google Developer Day 2007, the 2nd largest event today.

Google going offline with Google Gears:
Have the power of a full SQLdatabase at your fingertips for use online and offline, using SQLite. With automatic syncing, autoupdate, text search,… Gears also adds threads to JavaScript, making it ever more powerful.

Google Mapplets:
Mashup Google Maps itself, add your own mini app to Google Maps (and not the other way round, adding Maps to your app). That way users can aggregate different data (using several mapplets) on one view in Google Maps. It also brings back the users to Google Maps, as they kind of lost them to the sites which integrate Maps.

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