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Delicious prawns recipe: prawns with parmeggiano


  • 4 prawns per person (for starters) (best is fresh of course)
  • one little part of garlic, finely shopped or squeezed
  • pepper and salt
  • some side salad to garnish
  • cooking butter, olive oil

Spread the finely grated parmeggiano cheese on a plate, add some pepper.
Clean the prawns (no shell, tail etc), and roll them through the finely grated parmeggiano cheese so the cheese sticks
Heat the butter/oil.
Bake the prawns a few minutes on each side.
Season some more with pepper and salt, to your liking.
When a cheesy crust starts to form, add the garlic.
When the prawns have a fine crust on each side, you’re done. It’s that easy.
Put them on a plate with some side salad,
to finish sprinkle a bit of left-over parmeggiano on top.

Update: Apparantly, it’s also low-carb, Atkins friendly.