Dreamweaver tip

Yesterday I went to a MMUG meeting for a presentation on the new Flash 8 and Dreamweaver 8. Dreamweaver 8 now has code collapsing features, as Homesite used to do. Homesite also had code splitting, which allows you to split the page code view into two parts, so you can compare parts in the header with parts further down, without scrolling back and forth. I had already seen that this feature wasn’t included in the new version, but someone did pop the question. The guy from Macromedia had a great tip for codesplitting in Dreamweaver, which has been available for a while now in Dreamweaver:

There is a panel called ‘Code Inspector’, which is just another view on the code. Open the panel through the ‘Window’ menu, then dock this panel below the main view (Code/Design view), above the Properties panel, et voila, you have codesplitting, almost the same as in Homesite.

Brilliant tip.

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