CSS eleven

Andy Clarke introduced "CSS Eleven" (a pun on Ocean’s Eleven – he’s George Clooney) at Web Directions South and WebJam, bringing together 11 web designers from around the globe to kick some butt at the W3C CSSWG and get things moving in the CSS standards movement. They want to set up some use cases, solutions and examples of "real world" CSS design problems. This should make it easier for W3C to finalise the recommendations so browser vendors can start implementing them (so maybe in 5-10 years we could start using them). Still, it’s recommendable that Safari and Opera already support some of the recommendations, so what are the others waiting around for?

CSS Eleven

In his words: "CSS Eleven is an international group of visual designers and developers who are committed to help the W3C’s  CSS Working Group to better deliver the tools that are neded needed to design tomorrow’s web."

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