This weekend the new cultural season opened in Brugge, called Corpus05, with the human body as center piece. It started yesterday (saturday) morning at 7 am with 2000 naked people, gathering in the poring rain, for a photo shoot with Spencer Tunick (check here for a photo special)(and no, I didn’t participate). This morning (Sunday), I was awake at 7 am (yes sad, I know), and took a shower. As I came out of the shower (around 8) I heard a noise from outside. I first though someone was playing a didgeridoo, until I opened the back door, and heard it was a Tibetan monk chanting. It was really loud. I thought I might come from the kiosk in the park. But in fact it was coming from the Belfry tower. I went to see what was going on. Apparently the police wasn’t informed either, there were 2 motorbikes, a van, and some more cars. It was indeed part of the Corpus05 happening, but it wasn’t too well indicated anywhere. This Sunday, every hour, there will be chanting from the belfry tower: a Tibetan monk, old Dutch religious song, Jewish liturgical songs, shaman, Islamic, gospel, Byzantine, poetry, hip hop … all day every hour, for 15 minutes. Have a listen.

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