Animoji Karaoke/movielines how-to

Inspired by #AnimojiKaraoke, I made this movie lines version Sunday morning. Animoji's are only available on iPhone X, so that's…

Lift You Up iMessage Sticker Pack

Been playing with iMessage sticker packs these Holidays, using Affinity Designer and Sketch. First one's Lift You Up sticker pack,…

iPad Resolution Test

Set up a Bootstrap template with some checks on minimum and maximum device resolution, and device pixel ratio, to show…

iPhone5s slow motion video

Slomo from halans on Vimeo. Trying out iPhone 5s iOS7s slow motion video. Also uses iOS7s video digital zoom.


Such a big difference in packaging between the 5 and 5s: All because of new USB charger

Upgrade Cockup

In order to get Mountain Lion, you have to register for the Mountain Lion up-to-date program. And that's where things already go wrong.
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