Busy, busy, busy

Pfeww, did a couple of site updates this weekend. Quite happy with the progress.

First up, I’ve moved RedCrates.com from Slicehost to MediaTemple, as it was the only one remaining on Slicehost. Saves me a bit of money cancelling that account. I was going to play around a bit with the Slicehost slice, but that will need to be for another time. I also thinkered a bit with jQuery and added some Raphael gooy-iness to it, just for some fun. Really easy. Though I do notice a bit of a problem in Safari, which needs a screen redraw, it seems.

Then I removed the dust from FirefoxRocks.com. It was still displaying Firefox 2 stuff. Changed it’s premise a bit, so it doesn’t need any more maintenance. It’s a lot simpler, more like a lot of other “single serving sites”.

Then I’ve added ShareThis and UserVoice feedback widgets to both, as well as to Mapanui.com.

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