Blog Action Day

It’s Blog Action Day today. That means bloggers around the world blog about the same topic. This year it’s climate change.

Climate change affects everyone, even the deniers. What’s the cause of climate change? Our hunger for energy. Energy to power our desktops and laptops, our iPhones, our LCD/plasma screens…

Have a look around the office this morning (let’s say early 8am). How many people are around? How many PCs and screens are on, showing their screensaver, and doing nothing? Yes, it’s easy to press a button and have it on instantly. But it’s a serious waste of energy, and money paying for that energy.

Why do people leave their PC on overnight? It might be corporate policy to back up overnight. But shouldn’t files be stored on a file server anyway? Aren’t there images of fully installed OS’s for whenever something goes wrong? And can a backup server not remotely wake a PC from hibernation over Wake-On-LAN to do its stuff?

And, no, turning off your monitor does not turn off your PC (like in the movies). But there is a simple solution, the other way around: a Master/Slave powerboard. You plug in your PC as Master, and your screen(s) as Slave, and when your PC gets into sleep or hibernation, or ideally you turn it off, your screen(s) (and printer, scanner) will get turned off automatically. This is a very low impact (on your productivity) solution, which saves heaps of energy each year for your company, helping its bottom line, and the planet.

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