Belgian Waffles 101

This is a Brussels waffle. It’s light and crunchy, served on a plate and comes covered in powdered (icing) sugar. Optionally with fresh cream on the side, sometimes with chocolate sauce on the side, or topped with strawberries if you want to go fancy. Most of the time these waffles are only being served from a certain time onward, from about 2pm (after lunch).


Sometimes you get the cream on top:


This on the other hand is a Liege/Luikse or sugar waffle.
It’s a thicker dough, often with embedded granulated sugar, and you eat it out of hand, and get it from a street stall/vendor. Sometimes, half of it can be covered in chocolate.


Not that common, but you can get a waffle on a stick (covered with chocolate), which seems like a nice idea at first, until you bite into the stick in the waffle…


These are just the most common Belgian waffles. There are plenty of others, like the Moeder/Marie Siska heart shaped waffle (which we went to Knokke for but they were closed outside of the weekend/holidays; service at Siska though is known to be pretty unfriendly).

And the prepacked waffles like soft waffles (great for toasting), vanilla filled waffles,… Check out these Lotus brand waffles.