Australian Online Retail


So I bought something on Yeah right, I know.

I ordered a GoPro accessory, for $19.99, which was available for pickup at the North Sydney store. I paid with PayPal. The online experience was pretty bad to begin with (really, what’s with all that yellow? :). After payment at PayPal, I thought I’d finished. I had selected pickup from store, but the first thing it shows me is a delivery address (which it picked up from PayPal). Euh, what? And I still had to agree to their T&C (don’t you want me to do that before paying?). And only then was the order submitted. I know, not dissimilar to other bad online retailers. But then I got a confirmation of my order, telling me I still needed to get another confirmation email from the store, which should happen within 2 hours. Pfff.

After two hours, still nothing. So I guess it had been sold earlier in the day at the store? Anyway, I went into North Sydney, and passed by JBHifi, a store which has more sales people than customers any time of the day, any day of the week (but it is a very clean store though :). And, well, there were 8 items available of the accessory that I ordered. Not only that, it was a dollar cheaper than online! So that was pretty disappointing. Cheaper in store, without reason no response to my order (as advertised). It took them 15 minutes to sort things out (they blamed the new system, which has been online for 8 months), but I did walk out with my order, and got a dollar back.

But really, next time, back to eBay, and I’ll order it from Hong Kong (as I did do for 5 other GoPro accessories, 3 of which have shipped this afternoon too).