A new year, already?

It’s 2009 already? Says who? What happened to 2008? Was it a full 12 months? I must have missed it.

End of February, it will be already 3 years since I arrived in Sydney. Time sure flies.

Here’s a Flickr set of my (own) favorite pics of last year. I’m sure I missed a couple (should really flag them when I upload them).

And I’ve made a set of iPhone Wallpapers, hope there’s one you’d like to use too.

New Year’s resolutions? Loose weight, get fitter, be healthier, be happier, blog more (interesting things), start some sort of online business (like, make money while I sleep…), learn more, save up some money, live leaner,… Ask me about it in a couple of months time, alright?

Anyway, you too have a Happy New Year!

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