A busy month of web conferences: Oz−IA, Web Directions, Hatch day

Oz-IA/2007 - Sydney, September 22nd/23rd 2007

Still recovering from BarCampSydney2 on only last weekend, an other exciting month is coming up. September plays host to not only Apec (and its disruptions on everyday life, but we do get an extra public holiday, woohoo), but 4 days of Web Directions South (conference and workshops, 25-28/9) and in its wake Hatch Day + Webjam (29/9). But the weekend before Web Directions, on September 22/23, there is the equally interesting Oz-IA conference. A good Information Architecture is the basis of any usable website, so to get the basis right you start here, at the Oz-IA conference, the perfect warm-up for Web Directions. The weekend will be packed with presentation, panels, workshops, inter-session activities, and of course networking.

No RuxCon though. The organizers are too busy with personal projects (euh, like family).

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